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Raised in Northern Ireland and currently living in Edinburgh, Francesca Rea Embroideries are inspired by the Irish countryside, children's book illustrations, music and memories.

Taught to sew by my granny as a child as a way to mend clothing and make dollhouse furnishings, I carried this love for hand making through art college where I studied Textile Design in Dundee. 

The bucket hat project was born when I decided to make art using what already exists in the world, rather than making new. As a way to help combat the waste in the fashion industry, I source second hand bucket hats - items that are small and might easily be thrown away - and make them more beautiful and desirable by sewing on beads.

Hand embroidery is by its nature a very slow and careful process. When you buy one of these bucket hats you're supporting the sustainable fashion industry, an independent maker, and looking class in your new hat doing it!

Open to custom clothing orders! Check out my portfolio for inspiration, or for more info contact me via:

Mobile: 07541056277


Instagram: @francescathreads

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